Harbour Swansea, February 2022

In general, real estate is a very good long-term investment compared to stocks, gold or savings.

When looking at the UK market, the population is growing (+6% per year) and the shortage of both owner-occupied and rental properties is increasing. As a result, house and rental prices are rising.

Property purchase prices are still relatively low, resulting in proportionately high returns. Over time, the increase in the value of the property can add additional returns to the investment.

The UK has a significant outdated housing stock, and our estimate is to add potentially high value through renovation.

Because the rental market in the UK is substantial, the legislation for landlords is well regulated. There are also good refinancing opportunities in the form of leveraging a mortgage. Investing in real estate in the UK is therefore a sound and stable investment.


Invest with us!

Money in the bank is falling in value, you are probably aware of that.

We are regularly looking for people who want to invest with us in the UK.

Depending on your risk profile, investment period and project scenario, we can offer the following options, among others:

  • Guaranteed fixed return starting at 5% per year.
  • Variable return with a profit distribution of 0 to 15+% per year.

Investing with us is possible from € 20,000 for a minimum term of 1 year.

Are you looking for a good return on your money and does our story and approach appeal to you? Please contact us to discuss your investment preferences further or for more information. We will respond quickly to your request!

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