Real estate is a very good long term investment compared to shares, gold and savings, In 2020 we bought an apartment in the Netherlands and after a thorough refurbishment we rented this apartment to a (still) happy tenant. However, we noticed that the real estate market in the Netherlands was starting to overheat: bids were increasingly being made well over the market value and the possibility of buying good properties was becoming smaller and smaller. Debmar Housing was founded in April 2021 to invest in the United Kingdom (UK).

The UK has unprecedented opportunities due to the size of the country, the number of inhabitants (66 mio) and the high demand for rental housing.

With Debmar Housing we invest in houses in the UK and Wales. We purchase these, add value by renovating them and then we rent them out through a professional local rental agency, so that residents of the UK can rent good housing at reasonable prices. The UK has a large housing stock and many tenants are looking for affordable housing. We can provide this by working with local experts with a proven track record.


In the meantime, we have gathered various experts around us who provide us with the right properties and supervise the entire process for us. Think of sourcing partners, notaries, research agencies, construction teams, rental agents, insurance agent, accountant and an independent financial advisor. These people advise us on the local situation, carry out the renovation, provide full service management as far as the rental is concerned and arrange the tax return, among other things. We strive for a good and honest cooperation in which personal contact is of paramount importance. We use video calls a lot and like to travel to the UK to talk things through and have a cup of coffee.

We dream of building a broad portfolio of rental properties in different parts of the UK, being a reliable landlord and adding beautiful affordable homes to the housing market.

Marleen Derkx

So who am I? Many people reading this probably already know something about me.

I like to be active and looking for new experiences and adventures. I love challenges, have a positive attitude, am energetic, social and a real connector. With this attitude I focus on achieving beautiful results that we can all enjoy together.

Entrepreneurship is something I was born into: from the age of 13 I was allowed to clean the rooms and toilets in my parents' hotel. Later, I was involved in the other departments of the hotel, so it wasn't surprising that after high school I went to the School for Hospitality and Management. That was a hugely enjoyable time, with an internship in England in 1994 where I started to understand the people and language better.

I obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Economics and for the last 25 years I have been working in various commercial positions. Making contact with customers, working with people, closing good deals, running projects: it all gives me energy.

With my father I always invested in shares (at first he invested and I got the profit 😉 ), until I started thinking about investing money in an even much more fun way for me: in real estate! Concrete and tangible, many facets and types of people you come into contact with.

During a training course I attended for this purpose, I came across real estate investing in the UK. This offers so many possibilities and opportunities. I hired a coach and together with my partner Debbe we worked out the right strategy and approach. We went on an adventure!

On this journey we meet many wonderful people, we have fun and achieve good results. The tenants are happy and it gives us a lot of satisfaction. You may notice: I am enthusiastic!

Debbe van der Hoek

"Next to every strong woman, there is a strong man." This statement certainly applies to us. Where Marleen is mainly in the foreground, I am in the background working on the details. This is due to my character, which can best be described as helpful, patient, conscientious and involved. This comes in handy when keeping the financial records, sorting out contracts and research reports, and maintaining the website.

Marleen and I met when we were teenagers and have been together our entire lives. The reason for the success of our relationship is that we complement each other exactly. It is actually crazy that we have only now gone 'into business' together.

From an early age I was fascinated by computers and the technology to be able to connect them. This quickly got me started as a Webmaster and this is how I gradually ended up in ICT, from application administrator to Service Delivery Manager.

In my spare time I am a First Aid Instructor and I provide First Aid and CPR courses for the First Aid association. Transferring knowledge and making an active contribution to the community gives me great satisfaction.

Marleen's enthusiasm has also prompted me to delve more and more into the world of property investment, with the result that we now run our own company together: Debmar Housing!